Stop Working on
Wrong Things

The New World of Work
demands a new You

But what is it?

Stop resigning yourself to accepting

and coping with the unacceptable

Discover who you need to become to thrive in endless change

Personal Reinvention in a VUCA world

Stop working on the wrong things

VUCA is unavoidable. It's as much a part of life as breathing.

But it doesn't have to work against you

Make it work for you, to become your trusted ally

Resisting and trying to eliminate VUCA stands in the way of
the Re-invention of YOU

● Wasted time

● Anxiety and worry

● Miscommunication and misunderstanding

● Loss of purpose

● Lack of clarity and confidence

● Self-doubt

Being SMart About Work means endlessly learning
about, and from, yourself

SMart is an acronym for Self-Agile Methods of Applied Right-Brain Thinking.
Like breathing, where you can't breathe IN without breathing OUT, Left-Brain Thinking and Right-Brain Thinking must both be working simultaneously together. Read more

SMart About Work lets you transform VUCA
from threat to resource

Gain More Time

Reconnect with Your ONE main thing that matters most to you

Make Better Decisions

Make them faster, with incisive clarity and boundless purpose

Strengthen Your Authority

Increase your effectiveness dealing with change

The VUCA Resilience Self-Directed Coaching program is for SELF-Leaders

  • Self-Leaders take responsibility for their own experiences in life
  • They seek change, knowing tomorrow is the result of the thoughts, choices and actions they make today
  • Self-Leaders are dissatisfied with having to accept conformity as the only way to get ahead, and are always seeking new discoveries emerging from their own inner worlds
  • They disallow others to be the only ones defining their boundaries by first approving of themselves before seeking approval externally
  • They know they are not bigger than life, but that they are bigger than what life hands them
  • Self-Leaders never allow their future to exactly equal their past. They do that by always inventing new habits of thinking to replace habits of thought that no longer serve them
  • Ultimately, Self-Leaders are always yearning to be a better boss of themselves

Sound like anyone you know?

Beyond getting things done is uncovering your motives for doing them

The SMart About Work VUCA Resilience Self-Directed Coaching Program is an 8-week habit-building course that teaches you to coach yourself through a simple system of empowering self-discovery that takes just 10 minutes a day

It's not just training, and it's not just coaching

It's even better

It's something you get to do for yourself...every day, that takes just 10 minutes

You get to find your own way to what works best for you to reinvent yourself

The only way to find it is by doing the daily exercise, every day, for 56 days, no exceptions

Who will be the YOU you will be reinventing yourself to be 8 weeks from now?

Get started now to find out